Hunter's coat

Claws, teeth and leather amulets cover this heavy coat, worn during a hunting ceremony. The amulets are believed to protect Mali hunters as they chase dangerous prey. Each leather packet holds folded paper said to contain verses from the Qur’an. The knotted strings were spit on, and as such, carry “words” as additional protection.

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Do you carry or wear special objects, and for what purpose?

responded: Sep 13, 2011

Posted by justine

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Yes I do carry and wear special objects. I have a Hamsa hand that is used to provide protection from evil eyes and evil energies. I pin to all my purses that I carry. It was also a gift from my father which means a lot to me. I also wear four silver rings at all times. All of them are different and all of them are from places and people that mean a lot to me.

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