Hunter's coat

Claws, teeth and leather amulets cover this heavy coat, worn during a hunting ceremony. The amulets are believed to protect Mali hunters as they chase dangerous prey. Each leather packet holds folded paper said to contain verses from the Qur’an. The knotted strings were spit on, and as such, carry “words” as additional protection.

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Do you carry or wear special objects, and for what purpose?

responded: Jan 30, 2012

Posted by Halen Y

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There are two medallions attached to a chain that I consistently wear around my neck. One casted in bronze and the other in silver, these pendants resemble wax seal stamps impressed with emblems and family crests. Beyond its purpose as decorative jewellery, these objects hold profound sentimental value. Since these pendants were acquired during a significant event in my life, they act as a daily reminder of the lessons I’ve learned from that experience. The silver medallion depicts an abstract representation of wings accompanied by the French phrase “verité sans peur”, which translates to “truth without fear” in English. With wings as conventional symbols of protection and freedom, this pendant encourages personal integrity without compromise. The bronze medallion displays the head of a lion symbolizing courage and pride. Together, these pendants signify encouragement, inspiration and as a proclamation. Since they possess personal and intimate significance, the faces of the medallions are not exposed; they are worn faced together.

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