Hunter's coat

Claws, teeth and leather amulets cover this heavy coat, worn during a hunting ceremony. The amulets are believed to protect Mali hunters as they chase dangerous prey. Each leather packet holds folded paper said to contain verses from the Qur’an. The knotted strings were spit on, and as such, carry “words” as additional protection.

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Do you carry or wear special objects, and for what purpose?

responded: Apr 11, 2012

Posted by Alex L

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Though I personally do not carry any special out of the ordinary objects on my person. I know that some cultures carry special items with them. Such as a dagger ( I don't remember which culture sorry!) or a cross or other stuff. I believe that the dagger is something to protect them (not sure). I think that something that I have on me most of the time is my necklace, but I switch around sometimes but only between two of them. I just constantly wear them because I think it looks pretty and they were presents from my family, which is kind of special. Other than that, I dont really have anything special

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