War rug

This war rug depicts the reality of conflict-ridden Afghanistan. Over the past 30 years, weaponry replaced traditional Afghan floral designs. Look at the images of warfare: hand grenades, tanks, fighter jets, missiles and helicopters. Afghans weave such rugs during times of conflict but the individuals who make them are unknown, their stories forever hidden.

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What is the tone of this rug and does it condemn war or glorify weaponry?

responded: Sep 21, 2011

Posted by Stacey R

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If either of the above, I believe that the rug glorifies weaponry. The weapons are depicted as brightly coloured, and fun; they are very toy-like. The rug looked like something that you could see in a child's room because fully examining the content of it. It would not surprise me to see this as a child's rug even in North America earlier in the 20th century, or even still in some places. It does not show the seriousness of war. Coming from a country that is experiencing war, if it were a child's rug, it would make sense to me, as a lot of father's and older brother's would be in the military. Weaponry would be what protects them from the enemy and keeps them alive.

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