These boots were made by the Uzbek people in northern Afghanistan. The method in which they are crafted stems from the long Central-Asian tradition of making silk-embroidered leather footwear, horse covers and bags. They are worn both indoors and outdoors. In bad weather, they are usually slipped inside heavy leather overshoes.

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What does your indoor footwear look like and how does it compare to these boots?

responded: Apr 1, 2010

Posted by Sara Munroe

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My indoor footwear are a pair of hot pink terrycloth slippers made by Isotoner. They are the “spa” variety, which implies that the soles are thicker and more luxurious than the traditional Isotoner slippers. Every woman on my mother’s side of the family wears this brand of slippers, though they usually wear the ones with the leather soles and satin finish. When I wear them, they remind me of my mom and my aunts, so I was not aware of how aesthetically unpleasing they were until it was pointed out to me. I vehemently defend my slippers because of my emotional connection to them. My slippers are very different from these in that they do not cover as much as my foot, and appear to be much easier to slip on and off. Since I like to rotate between slippers and bare feet, this quality is important to me. My slippers also do not have such an intricate pattern woven on them and certainly did not take as much time to create. I think if I owned slippers as beautiful as the ones in the museum’s collection, I would treat them much better than my own. As seen in the picture of my slippers, they’ve certainly seen better days.

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