These boots were made by the Uzbek people in northern Afghanistan. The method in which they are crafted stems from the long Central-Asian tradition of making silk-embroidered leather footwear, horse covers and bags. They are worn both indoors and outdoors. In bad weather, they are usually slipped inside heavy leather overshoes.

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How do these boots contrast with how Afghanistan is portrayed in the media?

responded: Sep 19, 2011

Posted by Kamra K

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Looking at this pair of boots from Afghanistan made me realize how misconceived we can be about this war ridden country. In today’s world, we have come to depend heavenly on media, which although exposes us to the world beyond our reach, also conforms our mind into thinking and believing certain stereotypes associated with these middle eastern countries. These shoes, which are brightly embroidered have an extremely sunny disposition as opposed to our preconceptual image of Afghanistan. When I think about Afghanistan based on the images in the news and media, I imagine death, destruction, misery, poverty and famine; none of which can be associated with these boots. The repeated use of the bright, colourful and sunny imagery embroidered on the shoes, makes one realize that there is more to this country and it’s culture, that meets the eye.

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