These boots were made by the Uzbek people in northern Afghanistan. The method in which they are crafted stems from the long Central-Asian tradition of making silk-embroidered leather footwear, horse covers and bags. They are worn both indoors and outdoors. In bad weather, they are usually slipped inside heavy leather overshoes.

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How do these boots contrast with how Afghanistan is portrayed in the media?

responded: Sep 20, 2011

Posted by Chelsey Hughes

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After examining these boots, it was surprising to find out they originate from Afghanistan. The colourful patterns and intricate detail are different than how the country is perceived throughout the media and in modern day western society. Traditional stereotypes associated with Afghanistan tend to portray a bland, almost boring sense of style. This stereotype can be linked to the media where an illustration of war and destruction within the country itself are heavily shown. Within the last decade, the country has been affected by several negative images such as war, terrorism and death. The boots shed light on the country and give me a sense of happiness and intrigue. After examining the colourful boots in detail, I am inspired to learn more of the textiles and methods used within the fashion industry in Afghanistan. The bright colours and practicality of the boots allows me to think about Afghanistan in a more positive manner and see deeper into the countries abilities, history and culture. Overall the boots are an impressive reflection of Afghanistan and surprisingly show a lighter side to the country as a whole.

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