Dance Apron

White buttons secure the thunderbird crest to this ceremonial dance apron. Bells and thimbles are used as noisemakers, replacing customary shells and puffin bills. In Northwest Coast First Nations’ myths, the thunderbird creates thunder and lightning – thunder by flapping its wings, and lightning by opening and closing its eyes.

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Why do you think birds are popular symbols and what different meanings do they hold?

responded: Sep 14, 2011

Posted by Padina Bondar

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Birds are creatures that have a variety of unique qualities that humans have always found desirable and fascinating. Due to the variety of the species, there are many birds that could be used to represent different symbols. For example, the Peacock, Due to the beautiful and outstanding colours on the feathers, is looked at by humans as a symbol of beauty and glamour. The eagle, is a symbol of power because of its tough, intimidation and powerful nature. The opposite of this symbol can be found in a white dove, which is known as the bird of peace. Different birds with different characteristics are applied to human lives as symbols all around the world. One quality that most birds have and humans have tried to posses for generations is the advantage of flight. This makes birds in most cultures a symbol of freedom. Some birds are used to create certain symbols, for example the ostrich is one of the ugliest creatures among other birds, however the ostrich feather is used to create glamourous and gorgeous trends in fashion. The most basic symbol associated with birds remain to be the symbol of food. This is seen commonly is restaurant logos or adds and even on a national scale on thanksgiving, where the turkey is seen everywhere.

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