Dance Apron

White buttons secure the thunderbird crest to this ceremonial dance apron. Bells and thimbles are used as noisemakers, replacing customary shells and puffin bills. In Northwest Coast First Nations’ myths, the thunderbird creates thunder and lightning – thunder by flapping its wings, and lightning by opening and closing its eyes.

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Why do you think birds are popular symbols and what different meanings do they hold?

responded: Apr 11, 2012

Posted by Alex L

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I'm not really sure why birds are so popular but I think it is because they are rather gracefully and their ability to fly might cause people to believe that they closer related to the creators or Gods or whatever. Or maybe because of the stories that revolve around birds like how in the bible Noah sent out a dove to find land and it brought back a branch. Or maybe it is because some birds are rather powerful and some are really beautiful. I think there is a lot of theories to why the bird symbol is so popular, it sometimes depends on culture, religion and just common belief. But I think that birds either way are pretty amazing creatures and some are really interesting.

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