Dance accessory

This heavy sash is made from bamboo and bottle caps that include Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta Orange and Castle Beer. With movement the sash rattles and clatters, producing percussive sounds like a musical instrument. A dancer likely wore it along with a headdress, a bamboo skirt, necklaces, arm bands and leggings with bells.

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What material(s) would you use to create a percussive garment and what would it sound like?

responded: Sep 19, 2011

Posted by Kelly Fitzpatrick

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If i was to make a percussive garment similar to this I would most likely use bells, and uncooked pasta. I would also use beads and coins with holes on them attached by a string. I also think that shells clinking together would make an interesting acoustic along with Marti-gras beads. Empty plastic thread spools would make a nice sound and they would look unique.

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