Dance accessory

This heavy sash is made from bamboo and bottle caps that include Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta Orange and Castle Beer. With movement the sash rattles and clatters, producing percussive sounds like a musical instrument. A dancer likely wore it along with a headdress, a bamboo skirt, necklaces, arm bands and leggings with bells.

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What types of dance would someone wear this garment for?

responded: Sep 19, 2011

Posted by Kelly Fitzpatrick

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I would assume that this would be worn in celebratory dance for special occasions. The details within its construction lead me to believe that it would have been specifically for special events and important celebrations. I think that when the dancer was dancing it would have made music with the way that the beads clinked into each other. For that reason I think that it wouldn't be for somber occasions. Perhaps it was used for weather dances, or some method of group dance prayer.

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