Dance accessory

This heavy sash is made from bamboo and bottle caps that include Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta Orange and Castle Beer. With movement the sash rattles and clatters, producing percussive sounds like a musical instrument. A dancer likely wore it along with a headdress, a bamboo skirt, necklaces, arm bands and leggings with bells.

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What types of dance would someone wear this garment for?

responded: Apr 11, 2012

Posted by Alex L

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This skirt kind of reminds me of this skirt I saw on this show I watched, River monsters, this little girl in Africa (I think) had a dress similar to this but it was made from shiny things and bottle caps. The skirt was said to be a good luck charm and something to protect her. It also seemed like she was having fun while wearing it because the bottle caps would knock into each other and make nosies. I think this skirt would have been worn in celebrations, it seems like something that you would wear to a happy event.

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