In the past, Tibetans were known as fierce warriors. This quiver is part of a festival costume worn by a Tibetan horse rider. Festival events include archery and picking khatags (white friendship scarves) off the ground – all while on horseback. These riders are celebrated in Tibet much like professional hockey players are revered in Canada.

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How have the original quiver, outfit and horse decorations changed over time?

responded: Jul 27, 2012

Posted by VIC224Y - Intro to Material Culture Uoft

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The quiver is from the Gyantse region in Tibet and was made for the Dama Festival that is held there usually around the 20th of July over a period of about a week. The arrows it holds are made of bamboo and they are not made to be removed, indicating that they are only for show. It is covered in floral patterns, featuring daisy-like flowers, long blades of grass, or cattails and tiny swastikas. The strong uses of bold reds, blues and greens would make the quiver pop out against the stark bright white and gold backdrop of the riders costume.

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