Rooster Hat

This traditional “rooster” hat is believed to have protective powers, and was worn by a child during Hmong New Year celebrations. The Hmong people use several different appliqué techniques including the fold-and-tuck method seen here. The different colours of cloth create a rainbow effect, which the Hmong believe scares away snakes and other creatures.

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What special textiles or traditions do you incorporate into your New Year’s celebrations?

responded: Apr 15, 2010

Posted by Sara

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When I was younger, my maternal side of the family would participate in a Finnish New Years tradition. Although it is not exactly accurate, we melted lead (rather than tin) that my dad had for soldering stained glass lamps. It was melted over a candle in a spoon. When it was liquified, we dropped the molten lead into a bucket of cold water. The lead would instantly solidify into random shapes. These shapes were said to predict an aspect of the next year; for instance, if they were bubbly and rough, it meant that money was coming your way.

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