Rooster Hat

This traditional “rooster” hat is believed to have protective powers, and was worn by a child during Hmong New Year celebrations. The Hmong people use several different appliqué techniques including the fold-and-tuck method seen here. The different colours of cloth create a rainbow effect, which the Hmong believe scares away snakes and other creatures.

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What special textiles or traditions do you incorporate into your New Year’s celebrations?

responded: Apr 11, 2012

Posted by Alex L

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Considering my culture, being chinese, it is very common to wear red or those bright colored silk (not always silk) clothing. Also in my family ( I don't know if the other chinese families do this) we have to wear brand new PJs to sleep in on the day of chinese new years. There is a bunch of stuff you can do and can't during the month of chinese new years. I learned just this year, that we couldn't buy new shoes for the month of chinese new years and also you are not allow to sew on the day of. And there is always the welcomed tradition of getting red envelopes from family. And also we have the sayings of wishing others health and wellness.

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