Temple hanging

This large temple hanging, or kalamkari, illustrates scenes from the Hindu epic The Ramayana, which tells the story of Rama, a legendary king and incarnation of the god Vishnu. Among the many scenes are several red, multi-headed figures wielding swords, and a blue female reclining on a coiled, five-headed snake.

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Which scenes from the Ramayana (and which characters) are depicted in this temple hanging?

responded: Mar 31, 2010

Posted by Jennifer DM

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In the lower right corner of the box containing the center circle, it appears to be Sita trapped in Lanka being visited by Hanuman (1). I would assume then that all the green characters are monkeys like Hanuman. I cannot figure out how to read this but I think I saw in the second row from the bottom, toward the left, Dasharatha's 3 wives pregnant with his 4 sons (2)... Perhaps it is read from the bottom up then? I've indicated scenes (1) and (2) that I was talking about on the image I've attached.

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