Baby blanket

Anatolian women value the importance of visual stimulation in infant development, and have so for centuries. The bright colours and simple shapes embroidered onto these wool blankets attract babies’ attention when they are wrapped in them, just as toys occupy babies in their strollers or cribs today.

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What did your baby blanket look like and how does it compare to this Turkish baby blanket?

responded: Aug 11, 2010

Posted by Natalia Nekrassova

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This is a response to the Sara’s Munro question: this blanket was woven in two pieces on a narrow horizontal loom. The women, most probably mother or grandmother of the baby, wove two similar pieces and then stitched them together to make this blanket; then she embroidered the blanket and decorated it with beads. In Anatolia narrow horizontal weaving looms have always been very popular. It is much easier to install and take apart a narrow loom than a large one, and almost all household stuff can be made in pieces.

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