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Anatolian women value the importance of visual stimulation in infant development, and have so for centuries. The bright colours and simple shapes embroidered onto these wool blankets attract babies’ attention when they are wrapped in them, just as toys occupy babies in their strollers or cribs today.

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What did your baby blanket look like and how does it compare to this Turkish baby blanket?

responded: Sep 7, 2011

Posted by Carly Hobson

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When I was little my baby blanket had small elephants which are wearing parachutes. The colors in my blanket are soft pastel yellows, blues, greens and greys. It is made of a cotton blend fabric and is very warm. When comparing my blanket to the Turkish baby blanket, I notice they have many differences. This blanket contains a variety of strong colors, edge fringe / tassels and appears to be a stiffer fabric. It contains many details woven into the blanket. Where as, my baby blanket has simple elephants, which were printed onto the fabric. Also, my baby blanket has a zipper along the edge so that I could zip it up into a tiny sleeping bag. Therefore, my blanket is very different than this Turkish baby blanket.

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