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Anatolian women value the importance of visual stimulation in infant development, and have so for centuries. The bright colours and simple shapes embroidered onto these wool blankets attract babies’ attention when they are wrapped in them, just as toys occupy babies in their strollers or cribs today.

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What did your baby blanket look like and how does it compare to this Turkish baby blanket?

responded: Jan 27, 2012

Posted by Mylantha Davey

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My baby blanket was relatively subdued compared to this Turkish baby blanket. Mine was square, made of woven yarn in white and pastel shades of yellow, pink and blue, with a plain white fabric border. Over the years the fabric trim began to wear and tear, and so my mother patched it up with a mint green satin. The middle woven section also started to develop holes, which eventually got so large that my mother tied it into a 'rope' kind of shape, with knots along the length of it. My blanket ended up as nothing more than an unrecognizable jumble of fabric with some sentimental value attached to it, in comparison to this beautiful Turkish example, which could be considered a piece of art. I love how the fun colours and shapes were used to visually stimulate and entertain the babies that the blanket was used to swaddle, making it functional as well as utilitarian.

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