For more than 1,000 years, this hat survived in a tomb preserved by the dry climate and sandy soil of Egypt. Textiles from Coptic tombs offer insight into the lives of the early Christians of Egypt, including what they wore, and how they wove and stitched together garments. Look for the small earflaps around the base.

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How old is the oldest textile you have and what condition is it in?

responded: Apr 23, 2010

Posted by Susan F.

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My oldest textile is a blanket that my maternal grandmother made for my mother, and it was given to me by my mother when I was a little girl. It would have been made in the late 1960s. It is made out of brown, orange, cream and green acrylic yarn. As long as I can remember, part of the green section has been unravelled, but I continue to use the blanket and throw it in the wash regularly, and its condition has remained stable.

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