For more than 1,000 years, this hat survived in a tomb preserved by the dry climate and sandy soil of Egypt. Textiles from Coptic tombs offer insight into the lives of the early Christians of Egypt, including what they wore, and how they wove and stitched together garments. Look for the small earflaps around the base.

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How old is the oldest textile you have and what condition is it in?

responded: May 28, 2012

Posted by Alex

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I think my oldest textiles would be my little kid clothing, like cute little outfits I used to wear when I was little. But the condition is still very good since I don't usually wear it before. I also think that my other oldest textile would be my blanket which was a hand-me down from my older sister when she was a baby, currently I don't know where it is place but I remembered that it had holes in it and was very worn, the lace on the sides were also coming off .

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