For more than 1,000 years, this hat survived in a tomb preserved by the dry climate and sandy soil of Egypt. Textiles from Coptic tombs offer insight into the lives of the early Christians of Egypt, including what they wore, and how they wove and stitched together garments. Look for the small earflaps around the base.

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What was Coptic Egyptian culture like during the time when this hat was made?

responded: Mar 31, 2010

Posted by Irene Yancheva

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During the 5th to 9th century, Coptic culture was influenced by Byzantium and Early Orthodox culture, which were the most powerful in Europe and the Mediterranean until the mid 15th century. There is much evidence from literature, architecture, clothing, and religious art which indicates this cultural connection. In addition, we can see from their ceremonies, their trade relations, and lifestyle, that the Coptic culture was very influenced by these two powerful cultures. In about the 8th century, an Arabic invasion resulted in the destruction of Coptic communities.

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