Masquerade costume

The Dogon people of Mali perform ceremonial dances dressed in striking masks and costumes. One such dance honours the dead: every morning and evening for up to six days, masqueraders dance in the village and surrounding fields – even on the deceased’s rooftop. Today, the Dogon also perform dances to entertain tourists.

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How do you use clothing to change your role or identity?

responded: Jun 27, 2010

Posted by Ana Avellaneda

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Well I use to have different categories, every day look, like working clothes is what I call uniform-look, some times I do not even like what I wear, but it is a propper outfit. The idea is to look like anyone in the street. During weekends I try to wear my clothes, the ones I consider mine, special pieces like hand made cardigans or things that have been bought in different countries by me or my family and friends, it is called fresh-look. I think during working days I just want to work and not to have to deal with myself, and people looking at me.. just to be one more, during weekends I want to do what I like, like my art lessons or sleeping a lot. Recently I was in a wedding and I decided to print a fabric and make a really simply dress, people had to approach to realize how beautiful fabric was. I think its is always like that, you have to come close to me, to discover something unique I am wearing.

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