Masquerade costume

The Dogon people of Mali perform ceremonial dances dressed in striking masks and costumes. One such dance honours the dead: every morning and evening for up to six days, masqueraders dance in the village and surrounding fields – even on the deceased’s rooftop. Today, the Dogon also perform dances to entertain tourists.

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How do you use clothing to change your role or identity?

responded: Apr 4, 2011

Posted by Alina

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As a designer (even though I am just a beginner), I understand that the main demand to clothing is fitting the person and the situation the person is facing or taking part in. That's why I try to make my look fit the circumstances - sometimes I choose a very strict outfit to make me look formal, or sometimes I let the whole image be free and informal, that's when I feel more comfortable and relaxed. Make-up and accessories play an important part, too. In general, I can remember quite a few cases when I tried to make a certain impression using clothes - I try to be myself in all situations and I hate to pretend. In my opinion, carefully choosing clothes for the event is quite enough for a good visual impression - I would never wear anything I dislike, even to seem better in someone's eyes.

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