Masquerade costume

The Dogon people of Mali perform ceremonial dances dressed in striking masks and costumes. One such dance honours the dead: every morning and evening for up to six days, masqueraders dance in the village and surrounding fields – even on the deceased’s rooftop. Today, the Dogon also perform dances to entertain tourists.

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How do you use clothing to change your role or identity?

responded: Jun 25, 2012

Posted by Mayorova SAD-101

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Nowdays it's matter how you dressed up, but proverb says "Can't judge a book by it's cover" works. Clothing has become a really important aspect in our lifes. I wear suit then i'm going to a work and i wear T-shirts then i'm going for a walk. It's simple to choose your style because we got lot's of variants to choose from. I prefer to be myself even in my clothes and style.

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