Masquerade costume

The Dogon people of Mali perform ceremonial dances dressed in striking masks and costumes. One such dance honours the dead: every morning and evening for up to six days, masqueraders dance in the village and surrounding fields – even on the deceased’s rooftop. Today, the Dogon also perform dances to entertain tourists.

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How do you use clothing to change your role or identity?

responded: Mar 31, 2010

Posted by Rashmi

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I am very conscious of using clothing to change roles or identity - in fact it is something that I do on a regular basis. There are many aspects and moods to my identity and clothing is one of the first and foremost ways to play with this. For example, I dress based on my work environment and use it as a means of communication as to what my role is. If I need to look younger or playful I dress down in very bright and casual clothes, if I am feeling more powerful then I tend to wear structured clothes in darker colors. Sometimes I don’t have any purpose or need to change my identity – I do for the sheer pleasure, so that I don’t get bored with myself.

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