Found in a Newfoundland field, these well-mended “tumgluttons” were used for hunting and fishing. Notice how three fingers are kept together for warmth, while the index finger and thumb are allowed to move freely. These mittens maintain heat better when wet, so fishermen dipped them in warm salt water with their hands still inside.

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What piece of clothing have you loved and worn so much that you had to mend it?

responded: Mar 31, 2010

Posted by Janice Andreae

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Many years ago I received a gift of heavy hand-knit socks from Newfoundland to keep my feet and ankles warm while I recovered from knee-replacement surgeries. Now as the end of each summer approaches, I get them out and repair them with my darning needle and whatever wool I have on hand so they’ll be ready when the temperature begins to drop. These days I often wear them while I write at my computer – what began, as natural-dyed blue socks appear more rainbow-like than ever.

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