Found in a Newfoundland field, these well-mended “tumgluttons” were used for hunting and fishing. Notice how three fingers are kept together for warmth, while the index finger and thumb are allowed to move freely. These mittens maintain heat better when wet, so fishermen dipped them in warm salt water with their hands still inside.

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What piece of clothing have you loved and worn so much that you had to mend it?

responded: Jul 11, 2010

Posted by Elise

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I had a pair of jeans I bought in eighth grade (around 2001) that were flared with these plastic rhinestone-looking things around the pockets, which reflected light. I thought they were the coolest things ever, they were from Bluenotes. After the first wash, about half the "rhinestones" fell off, so I replaced them with balls of embroidery floss (French knots). By the time grade 12 hit, I was still wearing them (this was when it was really cool to wear classic rock T-shirts with faded denim) and they were getting really worn. My mother taught me how to do chain-stitch embroidery, so I embroidered flower vines and daisies all the way up the legs at the front, and when the knee wore out, I put a butterfly patch over the hole. About a year ago, my mother tried to throw them out but I refused to let them go. I was sad when the "freshman 15" hit and I could no longer fit into my jeans bought in eighth grade with babysitting money. They are still somewhere in my parent's basement, if I find them again I will post an image.

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