Rain cape

Rice straw is folded and stitched together to construct this cape, which has the functionality and appearance of a thatched roof. The dense layers funnel rain off its surface to keep the wearer dry. People in remote areas of China wear these capes to this day. Notice how bast fibre is used to reinforce the collar.

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What other garments do people use to protect themselves from rain?

responded: Jul 6, 2012

Posted by Charlotte H

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After the invention of the rain coat in China, the need for windcoats were adressed. Using the same techniques and materials, windcoats became another protective garment for the harsh weather. These were used mainly by fishermen and farmers. Another protective device was not a piece of clothing but an accessory, more specifically, the parasol. This sun-protective umbrella was used in China as early as 21 AD. Back then parasols would have soley been used by royalty and wealthy individuals. Umbrellas that would protect people from the rain were also in use. The invention of the folding umbrella was created in China in the 11th century. They also invented large bamboo hats to protect them from both the sun and rain. These large hats were attached to the head with a silk chin strap, similar to a helmut. (Photos;www.chinahistoryforum.com)

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