Wall hanging

Members of an Inuit art co-op in Nunavik (northern Quebec) made this akinnamituaq. The use of appliqué for such hangings is attributed to Mina Napartuk, who led a local workshop on this technique in 1975. This akinnamituaq is unusual in that it does not bear a signature identifying its maker.

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What story (or stories) is being depicted on this wall hanging?

responded: Apr 5, 2010

Posted by Erika A. Iserhoff

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This beautiful wall hanging depicts the relationship Inuit people have with the Arctic. This artwork has a very clear narrative running through it that depicts hunting rituals, and dog sledding traditions that is crucial to Inuit survival in the north. Other stories that surface in the artwork is the relationship that the seal has to the Inuit people, it is a source of food and the skins are used for clothing. Seal skin is important because it is waterproof and these type of garments are needed for one to remain dry in snowy and icy regions like the Arctic. The dark space between the images creates a sense of space and distance, and hunters sometimes had to travel great distances in hunt for food for their family.

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