Wall hanging

Members of an Inuit art co-op in Nunavik (northern Quebec) made this akinnamituaq. The use of appliqué for such hangings is attributed to Mina Napartuk, who led a local workshop on this technique in 1975. This akinnamituaq is unusual in that it does not bear a signature identifying its maker.

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What is the relationship between this wall hanging and traditional Inuit culture?

responded: Mar 31, 2010

Posted by Irene Yancheva

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There is a strong relationship between the material used in this wall hanging and the environment in which the people who made it live. The fur, the dark color with small amounts of whites, beiges, and grays are representative of a harsh winter climate. The images provide a deep and direct link into the traditional life of the Inuit. They tell us about how these people have adapted and survived over many centuries in the North.

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