Wall hanging

Members of an Inuit art co-op in Nunavik (northern Quebec) made this akinnamituaq. The use of appliqué for such hangings is attributed to Mina Napartuk, who led a local workshop on this technique in 1975. This akinnamituaq is unusual in that it does not bear a signature identifying its maker.

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What is the relationship between this wall hanging and traditional Inuit culture?

responded: Sep 21, 2011

Posted by Alora

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This blanket depicts the traditional activities of the Inuit people. It shows them bringing hunted food back to their igloos, and shows their relationship with sled dogs. The blanket tells the story of how dependent on nature and animals the Inuit people are. The activities displayed would have been very important to their survival. The blanket emanates a feeling of working with and being in nature, despite being set on a black background. The use of fur to create the animals and people also helps tell the story of the importance of nature in the Inuit culture.

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