Cloud collar

The name “cloud collar” comes from the shape of this collar’s lobes, or petals, which are often layered. Women wore these collars over robes for special occasions. The cloud shapes represent abundance. At one time, the neck opening symbolized the Sky Gate (the entrance to heaven), and the lobes, pointing in four directions, represented the universe in miniature.

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Of your accessories, which do you wear strictly for decoration and which have a function?

responded: Sep 9, 2011

Posted by Veronika

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For the most part all my accessories have a function, mainly because to me accessories are what makes an outfit. When I put on a certain accessory like a hat or scarf, it doesn't matter what else I'm wearing, the accessory is the focal point of my ensemble. On the other hand, I truly do believe in functionality and I like to choose accessories that benefit me as well. Such as a wonderful sunhat on a hot day or even choosing a bag that is both practical with lots of pockets yet still stylish and exudes my personality. All in all, in regards to my wardrobe I feel that decoration and function go hand in hand.

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