Cloud collar

The name “cloud collar” comes from the shape of this collar’s lobes, or petals, which are often layered. Women wore these collars over robes for special occasions. The cloud shapes represent abundance. At one time, the neck opening symbolized the Sky Gate (the entrance to heaven), and the lobes, pointing in four directions, represented the universe in miniature.

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Of your accessories, which do you wear strictly for decoration and which have a function?

responded: Jan 28, 2012

Posted by Jessica R.

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Most of my accessories do serve a functional purpose in my everyday life. When it comes to functionality bags are it! I could not go a day without my purse or my backpack for school. My accessories also serve a functional purpose depending on the weather. Living in Canada especially, I could not do without my winter accessories such as boots, hats, mittens and scarves. However, during the summer the most important accessories are my sandals, sunglasses and hats. Like any girl, I do have accessories that serve only a decorative purpose such as rings, earrings, and necklaces. Whether functional or for decoration, there is something to be said about accessories and their ability to make any outfit extra special.

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