Cloud collar

The name “cloud collar” comes from the shape of this collar’s lobes, or petals, which are often layered. Women wore these collars over robes for special occasions. The cloud shapes represent abundance. At one time, the neck opening symbolized the Sky Gate (the entrance to heaven), and the lobes, pointing in four directions, represented the universe in miniature.

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What are the symbolic images embroidered on this collar and what do they mean?

responded: Mar 31, 2010

Posted by fluffy cat

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There are many objects embroidered on this cloud collar including the Chinese character for “double happiness,” a set of writing instruments (pens, brushes and a notebook or stack of paper), money, and a basket of peaches. A tiny auspicious bat flies near two lotus flowers in a vase, the flowers of which are symbols of purity and/or summer. Peonies on the other collar lobes signify spring. Two butterflies by the opening of the collar represent a happy marriage. A Buddhist swastika and sceptre combine to communicate the phrase, “May you have everything you wish.”

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