Cool to the touch, this shimmering silk yaktak insulates the wearer from the dry heat of a central-Asian summer. Coats from Bukhara are known for their vibrant colours, medallion pattern and blurry designs typical of ikat, a process in which the maker dyes individual threads before weaving them together.

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Have you ever tried ikat dyeing and can you describe the process?

responded: Apr 20, 2010

Posted by Patricia Bentley

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First, make a warp to weave on a loom (the warp is the set of threads strung on the loom and held in tension). The picture shows cotton yarn wound between two bamboo poles. Then tie bunches of threads together tightly with cord to make a pattern or a motif. Take the threads off the poles, keeping them together and organized. Dye the threads in your favorite dye, either natural like indigo or synthetic like fibre-reactive. Let the threads dry. String them on your loom or two poles again, keeping them organized the way they were before dyeing. Undo the ties and weave the cloth.

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