Cool to the touch, this shimmering silk yaktak insulates the wearer from the dry heat of a central-Asian summer. Coats from Bukhara are known for their vibrant colours, medallion pattern and blurry designs typical of ikat, a process in which the maker dyes individual threads before weaving them together.

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Why are most coats in Central Asia identical in pattern and shape for both men and women?

responded: Apr 2, 2012

Posted by Alex

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I think that during those times, they were made identical in pattern and shape was because it was easier, and less time consuming. I think that having different patterns would need alot more tailoring, and more time. I think that it was also used as something very simple, a piece of clothing used to keep you cool in the summer. But now after reading someone's else comment, I do agree with the fact that women do not go outdoors alot and it is very possible that when they do, they do borrow the clothes from the males in their familes.

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