Resist-dyed purple clouds share the landscape with embroidered painted clouds on this semi-formal kimono, or furisode, meaning “fluttering sleeves.” Notice the small squares of gold and silver leaf applied to the red silk lining. A furisode is the type of kimono worn by unmarried women, characterized by vivid colours, bold patterns and curved mid-length sleeves.

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Can you describe how someone puts on a kimono?

responded: Jun 18, 2012

Posted by Daisy L.

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Forget about putting on all components of a kimono, just putting on obi can be really complicated! I came across this video online, it's a tutorial on how to tie the obi of a ceremonial kimono. There seems to be countless steps... But the final look is gorgeous! I think in the past Japanese girls had to spend a lot of time to learn about the right way of dressing themselves. It's exciting to see that the tradition is so well protected and continued to this day, which allows us to dress up and act like people did several hundred years ago! (Sorry the video is in Japanese only, but the demonstration is quite straightforward.)

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