On this dragon robe, or jifu, the three elements – oceans, mountains and the heavens – symbolize the physical order and harmony of the universe. A dragon represents the power of the emperor. The five-clawed “lung dragon” suggests it was worn by a member of the imperial family or high-ranking official. Fine slit-tapestry weaving and metal-thread embroidery further emphasize the wearer’s status.

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Do you know any myths or legends about dragons?

responded: Dec 6, 2010

Posted by Dora

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I know this chinese myth where a man paints the most amazing pictures.he loved to paint dragons especially.Did i forget to tell you that he had a really cool trick. when he completes a painting, the painting comes to life. anyways, the emporer loved this dude's paintings and told him to paint a cool mural on the castle walls. anyways.this dude finshed most of the painting...except he missed the eyes. when the king dude saw this he told him to paint in the eyes and didn't believe this painter.when the artist painted the eyes on, the dragons came to life .they took over the town or village or something. i can't really remember the ending.

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