On this dragon robe, or jifu, the three elements – oceans, mountains and the heavens – symbolize the physical order and harmony of the universe. A dragon represents the power of the emperor. The five-clawed “lung dragon” suggests it was worn by a member of the imperial family or high-ranking official. Fine slit-tapestry weaving and metal-thread embroidery further emphasize the wearer’s status.

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Do you know any myths or legends about dragons?

responded: Sep 13, 2011

Posted by Luan

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Dragons are seen as "gods" in chinese culture, for they have extreme spiritual powers. Chinese dragons can fly without wings, are shape-shifters, and benevolent creatures that help mankind by bringing them good fortune and prosperity. The Dragon dance seen during Chinese New year is actually to ward off evil spirits that would spoil the New year. The Chinese Imperial emblem is a 5 clawed dragon while a 4 clawed one is a normal dragon.

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