Bonnets were popular among women in the 19th century and signified status. Worn both indoors and outdoors, bonnets kept hair tidy and kept dust out. The type of lace on this bonnet is called “limerick,” or “needlerun,” which consists of embroidery on a net ground. Tiny metal pins line the edges of the starched wings.

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What age and social group of women wore this type of bonnet and for what occasion?

responded: Apr 2, 2012

Posted by Alex

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I think that women maybe older women or a bit more wealthier women considering that the design is very detailed and it would have taken days or possible even weeks to make the lace by hand. Either the person had a lot of time on their hands or the person could afford such a detailed piece. I think this type of bonnet would have been worn more formally considering it is very white and very detailed, it probably was not used in everyday life, where you could ruin it.

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