Bonnets were popular among women in the 19th century and signified status. Worn both indoors and outdoors, bonnets kept hair tidy and kept dust out. The type of lace on this bonnet is called “limerick,” or “needlerun,” which consists of embroidery on a net ground. Tiny metal pins line the edges of the starched wings.

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What age and social group of women wore this type of bonnet and for what occasion?

responded: Jul 13, 2012

Posted by Charlotte H

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Bonnets were the most common headgear in the 19th century. They would have been work to go out shopping, attending chruch, and for general visits and appoinments. Many middle class women in the 19th cnetury would own atleast two bonnets, one for summer and one for winter. Wealthier women would have many bonnets for most, if not all occasions. Bonnets were worn for practical purposes as well as being fashiobale. They were worn indoors to keep the woman's hair looking tidy, for example sleeping bonnets. They were also worn outdoors to keep the hair clean and free from dust as well as preventing direct sunlight on thier heads. In certain religious groups, for example Quakers and Mennonites, it became customary to wear bonnets. Woman of all ages, including babies wore bonnets. *Fun Fact* The 'Bonnet' was the original name for a man's headgear, the scottish cap in the 1700s.

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