Loin cloth fragment

ChimĂș people buried their elite with large quantities of textiles. The discoloured areas on this loin cloth are a result of contact with a decomposing body. The central figure wears a crescent headdress that evokes the moon, the principal ChimĂș deity. The moon was considered mightier than the sun because it appeared in both the daytime and nighttime sky.

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Which objects would you choose to carry with you into the afterlife?

responded: Aug 9, 2011

Posted by Tara

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I would definitely want to leave this earth and move onto the next one wearing one of my favourite vintage dresses! Maybe my avocado-coloured wool dress from the mid 60s with the peter-pan collar... Along similar lines, this topic reminds me of the amazing packaged paper clothing you can buy in shops in Toronto's Chinatown. I am not 100% sure, but I believe they are meant to be burned as gifts for departed loved ones. You can buy paper clothing, watches, toys, electronics...even cigarettes and cell phones!

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