Loin cloth fragment

ChimĂș people buried their elite with large quantities of textiles. The discoloured areas on this loin cloth are a result of contact with a decomposing body. The central figure wears a crescent headdress that evokes the moon, the principal ChimĂș deity. The moon was considered mightier than the sun because it appeared in both the daytime and nighttime sky.

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Which objects would you choose to carry with you into the afterlife?

responded: Apr 2, 2012

Posted by Alex

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I think I would have alot of items I would like to carry into the afterlife. I would most likely carry the things I have became fond of over time. I would most definitely (though rather embarrasing) bring my baby blanket with me. Carry photos of family and friends, maybe my laptop. Possibly some food (not considering that it might rot), actually probably a cookbook with all my mother's recipes. But considering religion, I would probably bring nothing with me because the afterlife is supposed to be a nice place, where your family and friends are, etc. leaving you no room to think about material possesions.

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