Kazakh nomads wore vests made from local goat hair to keep warm during severe winters on the Orenburg steppes. The goat hair was among the softest and finest in the world. When Russian settlers arrived in the 17th century, they used it to knit shawls in traditional patterns. Diaphanous and virtually weightless, these shawls are remarkably warm and durable.

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What is your most extraordinary garment and how can you demonstrate its interesting qualities?

responded: Apr 4, 2011

Posted by Alina

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My most extraordinary garment is very simple. It doesn't have any qualities that stand out in common view, such as an outstanding use of fabric or some unusual decoration. The most extraordinary thing about the garment is the way I feel in it. I am talking about a loose shirt of deep blue colour. It has a quite simple cut, so it can be worn with a waist belt, though I also love the way it freely drapes around my figure. The garment's style is absolutely unique. It has a pocket imitation on the front left side, decorated with a stylised Middle-Age herb. An interpretation of the same emblem is situated on the back of the garment, made with a light silver contour that could not be seen from the first sight. The light tips of decoration make the garment quite basic, but still original. The most extraordinary thing about my favourite shirt is that, providing some right acsessory, I can wear it in all situations. It fits absolutely every case of my lifestyle, from a formal evening to everyday studies, shopping and going out with friends. I even eventually wear it with jeans and sneakers and ride a bike! The secret, I guess, is quite obvious: the garment perfectly fits my personality and my lifestyle, it is by far one of the best buys in my wardrobe. That's why I feel free to wear it any time.

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