Kazakh nomads wore vests made from local goat hair to keep warm during severe winters on the Orenburg steppes. The goat hair was among the softest and finest in the world. When Russian settlers arrived in the 17th century, they used it to knit shawls in traditional patterns. Diaphanous and virtually weightless, these shawls are remarkably warm and durable.

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What is your most extraordinary garment and how can you demonstrate its interesting qualities?

responded: Sep 13, 2011

Posted by Ryan

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What is the most extraordinary garment in my closet? I haven't the slightest idea. At first glance, my closet is filled with an assortment of colour and textures, from thick wool sweaters that keep you warm to thin polyester and cotton coloured shirts. There is thou, one quality that stands out among them all. I for some reason have a fascination with argyle. I guess that in it self could be an example from my closet as an extraordinary thing. Most of my argil printed garments are sweaters and vest in an assortment of colours, some of which have very interesting colour combinations. But one in particular i guess could be titles my favourite, as we all have some sort of favourite garment. This garment is a black and white argyle sweater, it could be said that black and white is seminally a strong colour choice of mine. In particular, this argyle sweater has a beautiful visual combination of the pattern black and white. The addition of corresponding opposite top stitching places on the edges of each square adds a hint of dimensional quality to the cotton, also the edge stitching adds a formal, business quality found in suiting. Another interesting quality about my argyle sweater is that the sleeves of the sweater is dark grey, which is interesting as the argyle print if back and white. The sweater also has a hint of light grey edge stitching found under the v-neck and also at the hem's of the shirt (bodice hem and sleeve hem). As most of my closet as a range of colour, i do sometimes like the sleek and clean look black and white garments offers. It can be said that it makes me feel professional and smart. Argyle printed garments will always be a favourite of mine.

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