Kazakh nomads wore vests made from local goat hair to keep warm during severe winters on the Orenburg steppes. The goat hair was among the softest and finest in the world. When Russian settlers arrived in the 17th century, they used it to knit shawls in traditional patterns. Diaphanous and virtually weightless, these shawls are remarkably warm and durable.

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What is your most extraordinary garment and how can you demonstrate its interesting qualities?

responded: Sep 20, 2011

Posted by Maria Boyadjian

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I believe the most extraordinary garment that I own would have to be a short white crepe cocktail dress. It has a bit of a sixties feel to it with its straight neckline extending to the tip of each shoulder. Its bellowing sleeves have a slit starting from the tip of the shoulder down to the wrist, revealing glimpses of the arms when in motion. The front bodice is plain with bust darts and a slouchy waist followed by a short tapered skirt. The back bodice is my favourite part of the dress. The white crepe fabric starts from nothing at each side of the shoulders and extends downwards forming an elegant drape at the centre back waist. The entire back area is covered in a nude mesh fabric which is embellished in an array of rusted silver, copper and bronze coloured sequins and beads.

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