Kazakh nomads wore vests made from local goat hair to keep warm during severe winters on the Orenburg steppes. The goat hair was among the softest and finest in the world. When Russian settlers arrived in the 17th century, they used it to knit shawls in traditional patterns. Diaphanous and virtually weightless, these shawls are remarkably warm and durable.

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What is your most extraordinary garment and how can you demonstrate its interesting qualities?

responded: Apr 2, 2012

Posted by Alex

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For me personally, I don't think I have anything extraordinary but I think that my mom's wedding dresses are pretty amazing. One is a white chinese silk dress she had put together and I think its rather pretty and also I believe that she did a bit of tailoring to her western wedding dress also, she told me if crystal glass from swarovski was more popular back then, then she would have sewn them on her wedding dress. I think her wedding dress would have been very sparkly and would have made her stand out.

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