In Rajasthan, a desert state in Western India, clothes are dyed bright colours in patterns that recall the sun. The zigzag pattern on this turban looks like abstracted heat waves and is called “lahariya,” which stems from the word “lahara” meaning “wave.” The pattern is created by folding pleats into the cotton before tie-dying.

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How would you represent natural forces such as heat or water?

responded: Apr 4, 2012

Posted by lrako

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Material Culture Assignment - Turban Tying

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For a material culture assignment I decided to learn how to tie a turban in the Rajasthani style. I didn't realize how difficult it was to tie a turban before attempting it. There are various steps and each one depends on how well you perform the last. There is a picture of both myself and a friend wearing a turban I have tied. I've also added a video of the process. It was interesting to get a feel for what wearing a turban is like. It affects your movement as well as the way you carry yourself, making you more conscious of your body and the way it moves.

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