In Rajasthan, a desert state in Western India, clothes are dyed bright colours in patterns that recall the sun. The zigzag pattern on this turban looks like abstracted heat waves and is called “lahariya,” which stems from the word “lahara” meaning “wave.” The pattern is created by folding pleats into the cotton before tie-dying.

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How does someone put on a turban like this one and what are the steps?

responded: Mar 29, 2012

Posted by Mahmood Husain

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Turbans are worn by people in different parts of the world, including parts of the Arabian Peninsula, West Africa, Central Asia and the Subcontinent. The people in these regions have various reasons for wearing the turban and naturally, have different styles to wrap the turban around the head. Unlike the Muslim turban, which is usually tied over a fez or a prayer hat, the Rajhastani turban is tied directly on to the head. The Rajhastani turban cloth varies in length and cotton is used to make the tying easier. There are various ways of tying the Rajhastani turban. It is said that the size and style of the turban changes every 15 km you travel in the region. A simple way to tie the turban would be create a secure base by wrapping one end around the head and building on the base by using different angled wraps on each turn. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-fcL_k7rTY&feature=related This video show one of the many ways of tying a Rajhastani turban

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